Construction of a European Network
for development education and awareness
raising on the Millennium Development Goals
in educational formai systems and local authorities

About Center for MDGs

The Goals

The “Center for MDGs” project proposes to increase the awareness, consensus andsupport of the principal social actors in regard to development and the fight againstpoverty, focusing in particular on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Centerfor MDGs sees the participation of four countries – Italy (Umbria and the Province ofMilan), Spain (Andalusia), Bulgaria and Mozambique – and numerous other actors inthe areas involved, with the goal of creating a network aimed at mobilizing greater publicsupport and civil society’s involvement in local/global actions and strategies in the fightagainst poverty and for sustainable human development.

More specifically, the project goals are:

  1. To increase awareness and the commitment of local authorities in actions for the fightagainst poverty and to promote concrete actions for the achieving of MDGs in their politicalagendas.
  2. To sensitize local actors and the people about North-South relations, the topic of humandevelopment and MDGs, with the aim of increasing consensus and society’s participationin the fight against poverty.
  3. To educate the new generations on sustainable human development topics through thepermanent addition of Development Education in the annual educational plans at thesecondary schools involved.
  4. To create a permanent network and lasting synergy among local authorities, schoolsand social actors in the areas involved in the project in order to keep on implementingawareness activities, local policies for human development and concrete actions of decentralized cooperation.